Lead By Example

Every day we educate our patients on eating a healthy diet, exercising, and living an overall healthy lifestyle. The best way to encourage this behavior is to lead by example. Dentistry is a physically demanding field. We are constantly leaning over, looking down, and putting ourselves in positions that are not ideal in order to make our patients comfortable and do a great job. Although we do our best to be ergonomic, sometimes it is just impossible. Do yourself a favor and build a strong foundation to counteract these stressors. Continuing education strengthens your mind, Cardio will protect your heart, lifting weights will keep you strong, and yoga will re-center you in more ways than one. 


Your mind is your most powerful asset! Strive to continually gain knowledge.

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Your body is your temple. Exercise to stay healthy and maintain vitality.

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Maintain calmness and clarity through spiritual practice.

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