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Our Approach

Being in the dental the profession is demanding. With knowledge and confidence, you can be the best possible version of you.

Every day is an opportunity to learn and grow. We should continually sharpen our clinical skills, but also continue to learn new ways to grow our practices and serve our patients.

In our blog and through our social media efforts, we aim to provide quality information that is beneficial to all members of the dental team.

Meet the Team


Crystal Kelly

Author and Founder


Crystal started her dental career at the age of sixteen in 2002 as a dental lab technician. After receiving her dental assisting and radiology certification in 2004 she assisted and managed in private practice, as well as five years independent contracting with the US Army as a project manager aiding in the pre and post deployment dental care of our US troops. She is currently working in private practice as an assistant and working towards her hygiene degree in the state of Georgia.

Help Your Community...

We are blessed with the knowledge and skills to create smiles. Smiles are contagious. Explore different avenues to give back to your community and keep the smiles going!